Salient Features

  • Child friendly ambiance and infrastructure.
  • Experiences through live learning.
  • Professional and theme based field visits.
  • Specially trained staff to manage children as per age groups.
  • Curriculum and methodology based on child psychology and neuroscience.



Happy Kids-A Preschool, for the Future.
Most of the schools today are still following the traditional learning systems that we learned in our ages of the 90s.

But the question is will we use the same transportation, technology, fashion that were used back in the 90s? The clear answer is No.
But will a child be ready for the future
undergoing such a traditional style of learning?

That is where we step in!

Founder’s Ink

In the world of technology, things are changing expeditiously. Yesterday’s breakthrough would probably be an outdated affair tomorrow. In a world that is changing so rapidly, it would be unjust on part of children if they aren’t prepared for the unforeseen future.

If we keep following the traditional approach to education, that was in the picture a century ago, we aren’t preparing our children for the future, rather we are pushing them back to the past.

Happy Kids intensively follows future centric child development techniques, that would make a child’s mind receptive enough to observe and analyze the constantly changing world around him/her, and not only learn to adapt to the change but also with their highly creative minds, take a step forward and be leaders to lead the revolution.

Thus creativity, when preserved in these young minds, makes them capable of thinking out of the box, and lead the society, then being another of the monotonous product of the society’s academic comparison race that makes the child’s individuality, belittled.

But, if parents and teachers, come together to build a parent-teacher partnership, we can nurture these seemingly ordinary minds into extraordinary ones.

If we can get the child, right from this age, to face every situation, with a problem-solving approach, we have laid the foundation to a strong and ingenious human being, who believes in himself/herself.

With this eminent approach to Preschool Education.


What our Happy Parents Say

My grandson was admitted to this school in 2015, and we were very happy to find that even grandparents were invited to school for some activities. My grandchildren developed quite well and they used to happily return from school, what more can a grandparent ask for.

Anju Agarwal
Mrs. Anju AgrawalGrandmother of Naksh and Saksham Agrawal.

Having received very good reviews about this school, we opted for it for our child. My child’s language, usage of words, basic developments and style of living enhanced after he was admitted here. The school is like a second family and a second home to our child, and we would be happy if we continue to be a part of this family.

Mr. Praveen Singh, CO Crime, Gorakhpur
Mr. Praveen Singh, CO Crime, GorakhpurParent of Vinayak Singh
Preschool is the first impression of the exterior world for the child. We make it a good one!